China Longyuan Power launches its “Green Care Action” in order to promote the construction of a harmonious enterprise

Recently China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Ltd. has decided to launch its “Green Care Action” in order to serve China Guodian Corporation’s strategic deployment of “making great effort to develop new energies and leading the corporate transformation by new energies”, deepen the activity of striving for excellence, promote the construction of a harmonious enterprise, create a good corporate image and accelerate the construction of a world leading listed new energy company. “Green Care Action” is embodied in the aspects including the mutual care between the enterprise and its employees and the care that is jointly given by the enterprise and its employees to the society.

“Caring about the Employees” is to focus on the principle of talent-orientation, enjoying harmony together and promoting the work. The company should first improve the employee’s working conditions, attach importance to their development, protect their health, enrich their cultural life and care about their families so as to solve completely the actual problems of the employees, fully stir up their work passion and enthusiasm, and enable them to willingly participate in the construction of a common home and undertaking.

“Caring about the Enterprise” is to actively guide the employees to build an idea of caring about their enterprise as they do to their family, fortify their sense of attaching great importance to the safety, production equipment, new energy development and willingly maintaining the company’s image, encourage them to strive for the excellence as well as jointly construct a harmonious enterprise.

“Caring about the Society” is to give priority to the fulfillment of the company's social responsibility and the promotion of the company’s development, and to launch activities of giving tailored financial and cultural aid to the people in trouble so as to realize the win-win cooperation among the company, government and the people and fully build up the service brand of China Longyuan Power. In addition, being a new energy enterprise, the company actively advocates the idea of a low carbon life, promotes the low-carbon living mode and saves social resources.

Always starting from fully carrying out the scientific development idea and constructing a harmonious enterprise and society, “Green Care Action” of China Longyuan Power will insist on the long-term mechanism, keep up with the time, integrate China Guodian Corporation’s development strategy with its management, business and behaviors so as to transform “Green Care Action” into the company's productivity and competiveness. Ultimately the company and the employees can realize the corporate vision of “Home, Stage and Dream”. (By Wu Jinmei)

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