China Longyuan Power holds training program for HR

From May 12 to 18, China Longyuan Power held the Training Program for HR Development and Management in Beijing. Personnel engaged in the HR development and management participated in the training, including those who were from the 40 subsidiaries of the company.

The training program mainly includes the following courses concerning total salary and compensation management, recruitment and selection strategy, talent evaluation, construction of training system and achievement transformation, performance management, case analysis of the new Law of the People’s Republic of China on Employment Contract as well as retention of core talent.

In view of the weak basis of the HR management and incompleteness of the management system of the company’s newly-established enterprises and projects, the training program also organized the learners to exchange ideas on professional management; on the one hand, it was to analyze the HR management system and the focuses and process of the professional management, on the other hand, it was to invite relevant enterprises to introduce their experience in the HR management. At the same time, business training on China Longyuan Power’s Informationized HR Management System was launched.

Most learners said that they had widened their horizons, updated their ideas, enriched their knowledge as well as elevated their moral,they benefited a lot through the training program. They expressed that they were going to apply what they had learned to their work so as to try their best to do a good work of the HR development and management and make new contribution to the construction of the world leading listed new energy company.

In recent years, the company has always taken the training of advanced operation management, professional skills and talents of production skills as its focus so that it has cultivated a group of responsible talents who are good at production, operation and management. They will be the mainstay of the enterprise to promote its value creation and scientific development.

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