Interview trip by CCTV in Longyuan Tibet Company


  During Dec. 16 to 27, the staff of CCTV Force of Labor Program traveled in Longyuan Tibet Company for interview. During the 11 days of interview, the group made interviews and shootings in places such as the office area of Longyuan Tibet Company, Yangbajing New Energy Base and families of farmers and herdsmen. Zhang Xi,the President of Longyuan Tibet Company, received an exclusive interview and some random colleagues of the company also got interviewed.

  It is an arduous trip with the sites for interview and shooting at an average elevation of over 4,200 meters and a total run of over 1,600 kilometers. In Yangbajing New Energy Base, reporters of CCTV recorded on-site working of staff in Geothermal Power Station, Phase I and II Photovoltaic Power Stations and learn more about the operation of power stations. Through the introduction by the company staff, the reporters got a real close experience of the mental outlook, harmonious working atmosphere and the positive working attitude of the staff. During the visit in front line units and families out of power connection, they witnessed the huge changes in the lives of the farmers and herdsmen benefiting from the vigorous new energy development by Guodian Group and China Longyuan Power, and deeply touched by the President Zhang Xi of Longyuan Tibet Company and his group dedicating themselves to initiate and develop industry here in Tibet.

  President Zhang Xi of Longyuan Tibet Company received the exclusive interview from CCTV on the topics about the pioneering and Entrepreneurial struggle history of Longyuan Tibet Company.

  Zhang Xi said that since 2008 when the company was founded from the preparatory office, they built and put into operation the first Photovoltaic Power Station and the world’s highest wind power station in Tibet overcoming various kinds of difficulties and challenges, which brought power to 170,000 households of around 700,000 farmers and herdsmen, 196 teaching sites, 666 temples, 142 Temple Administration Societies and all the frontier posts. Meanwhile their group grew from 5 into 43 staff and turned a RMB10 million company into a leading enterprise in new energy with RMB1.3 billion in Tibet. At the end of the interview, Mr. Zhang Xi stated that, through years’ effort, Longyuan now plays a leading role in new energy development in Tibet. Taking this advantage, the company will integrate the energy industries in Tibet in the next step to let People of Tibet benefit more from new energy and Longyuan Company.

  The Tibet Autonomous CPC Committeethe Tibet Autonomous Government and Tibet Power Company attached importance to and gave positive appraisal to the interview. Ding Yexian, Standing vice chairman of Tibet Autonomous highly appreciated the contributions made by China Longyuan Power Group Corporation and its subsidiary China Longyuan Power to the social and economic development of Tibet. He also mentioned that the story of Zhang Xi aroused strong response in Tibet; therefore it is of great importance to enhance the promotion as it will be a spirit power for the construction of harmonious socialist society.

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