China Longyuan Power Holds 2015 Special Seminar


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  On January 12, China Longyuan Power held 2015 special seminar to fully implement the decisions of the “one objective, five articles and five Guodian” core strategy of China Guodian Corporation, steadily deliver a good performance in the work of “double improvements”, have an in-depth analysis of current situation, discuss major issues for the company’s business development by addressing problems, scientifically plan major tasks for the next year, further organize work ideas and thus promote the company’s development in a quality, effective and sustainable way. Li Enyi, President Assistant of China Guodian Corporation and President of China Longyuan Power, Huang Qun, Secretary of Party Leadership Group and other leading group members attended the seminar which was presided over by Li Enyi.


  At the seminar, Li pointed out that the company had fully completed the tasks assigned by China Guodian Corporation under severe business situation in 2014 and also maintained a good development trend. As for the next period, the company should fully implement the “one objective, five articles, five Guodian” strategy, intensively carry out the third undertaking, and fully build itself into a world-class new energy listed company before 2020.


  With respect to the work ideas for 2015, Li pointed out that 2015 is the first year for the company to practice world-class standards and also promote standardization and standard management, so the company should consolidate basic management, deepen management innovation and lay a good foundation for long-term healthy development. To be specific, the company should focus on the following work: first, strengthen talents cultivation. The company should continue to intensify skill training, actively introduce external technical experts, cultivate and select excellent personnel through wind power operation inspection skill competition so as to optimize its talent structure. Second, strengthen stock assets management. As power brownout is still intensifying in some northern areas and some projects have increased pressure in loss, the company should strengthen the monitoring of the units that have suffered from loss, improve spare parts management, strengthen marketing and thus ensure project benefits. Third, deepen enterprise management. Management is an eternal theme, so the company should strengthen safety production, complete and strengthen staff, ensure physical and equipment safety, try to improve electricity generation performance and reduce cost per kWh. The company should also strengthen system construction, formulate and complete rules and administrative measures, and form a long-effect mechanism for enterprise management. Fourth, steadily advance development. The company should control both development scale and pace, insist on quality and effective development, and ensure that project rate of return meets the requirement of China Guodian Corporation. Fifth, accelerate engineering construction. This year the company’s production capacity will reach a peak, so the company should refine measures, strictly advance engineering construction in accordance with project schedule and ensure high-quality production. Sixth, promote “inner quality and outer image” construction. The company should strengthen enterprise culture construction and brand construction, strengthen inner quality while building outer image, and increase the company’s soft power. Seventh, highlight audit and supervision. The company should give higher priority to audit and supervision, strengthen follow-up auditing and strict supervision and inspection, and give full play to its role as an escort.


  At the seminar, Huang Qun made three comments. The first is about party construction. The company should have a clear planning, fully deepen party construction work, guide the company to fully implement the “one objective, five articles and five Guodian” strategy of China Guodian Corporation and thus lay ideological foundation for building itself into a world-class new energy listed company. The company should also give full play to the political core role of party organization, insist that the Party exercises self-discipline and is strict with its members, probes into the central task and serves the overall interests, and fully strengthen leading group construction after 3 years’ efforts. Besides, the company should reinforce the building of Party members’ conduct and a clean government, carry out the entity responsibility of party committee at all levels and the supervision responsibility of discipline inspection commission, insist on enforcement with strict discipline, and vigorously carry out anti-corruption and integrity building. The company should continue to advance enterprise culture construction, strengthen inner quality while building outer image, and motivate the staff’s confidence and determination in undertaking. The second is about development. Development is of overriding importance for China Longyuan Power. I think, after all, development is of overriding importance for China Longyuan Power, so the company should hasten to seize quality resources and carry out project reserve so as to build it into a world-class company. The company should also deepen and make innovations in management, bring professional wind power development platform and team into full play, further improve and refine preliminary work with new techniques and thus guarantee economic benefits. The third is about work ideas and methods for 2015. Management staff should strengthen study, broaden the way of thinking, enhance work ability while enhancing collaboration, give play to team spirit and strive to maximize the benefits. Moreover, the company should gain further insight into its internal and external situations, develop new ideas by aid of technical progress, understand new policies, and apply the spirit of innovation to work in all aspects.


  At the seminar, other leaders also presented their opinions on their own work for 2015. All departments and units in Beijing respectively addressed their problems and countermeasures for 2015.


  Heads at deputy director or above in headquarters and other major leaders of the units in Beijing also attended the special seminar.

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