China Longyuan Power Announces 2014 Annual Results



  On March 25, China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as “China Longyuan Power”) announced its 2014 annual results in Hongkong. Qiao Baoping, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of the Party Committee of China Guodian Corporation and Chairman of the Board of China Longyuan Power, attended and addressed in the press conference. Xie Changjun, Vice President of China Guodian Corporation and Chairman of Supervisory Board of China Longyuan Power, attended the conference. Li Enyi, Assistant to the President of China Guodian Corporation, Executive Director of and President of China Longyuan Power attended the press and introduced 2014 annual operation results. Besides,  directors of Supervisory Board, Secretary of Board of Directors and Chief Accountant from China Longyuan Power also participated in the conference.News media, such as Economic Daily, Hong Kong Economic Journal, etc. and investment analytic institutions like Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, etc. also appeared in the conference.



  In his speech, Qiao Baoping pointed out, with the core strategy “one five five” as guidance, China Longyuan Power is industrial leading in the overall size and efficiency of wind power development, as it vigorously develops new energy to facilitate corporate transformation, continues to upgrade and adjust power resource structure and takes the lead to implement energy conservation and emission reduction. On the next step, closely sticking to the strategic national energy plan and world new energy development trend, China Longyuan Power will make its contributions to the healthy development of new energy industrial construction together with domestic and abroad partners through further cooperation and exchange, to create a glorious future and compose a new chapter in the great course of the beauty China construction. China Longyuan Power will enhance its investment in new energy industry, strengthen its leading position in the industry and produce more clean energy for the society with tangible practices and spare no efforts to the construction of the first-rate international listed new energy corporation.

  In 2014, the Corporation made remarkable results in the following aspects: first, by fully exploiting development potentials and increasing economic benefits, a consistent growth was witnessed. In 2014, although facing an unfavorable situation of the sharply falling wind resources, China Longyuan Power took several measures to exploit revenue potentials, strictly control cost and expenditure and enhance marketing at the same time. Eventually achieved a slight but stable profit increase with a business revenue of 17.98 billion CNY for the year (exclusive of concession project construction revenue), which is substantially equivalent to that of year 2013. The PBT for year 2014 was 4.062 billion CNY, a 15.0% year on year growth, profit attributed to equity shareholders was2.558 billion CNY, a 24.7% year on year increase, and earnings of per share was 0.3183 CNY. In 2014, confronting with the complicate and volatile domestic and abroad monetary market, China Longyuan Power extended the financing channel, enhanced intensive financing control, exerted all efforts to attract domestic and abroad low cost capitals. Besides the successfully issued short term bonds and four times of nonpublic debt financing instruments, China Longyuan Power also successfully issued dollar bonds in foreign countries by Hero Asia Investment Limited, its affiliated enterprise, making the Corporation in the leading position in respect of capital cost. Second, focusing on the promotion of power production growth, maintained a leading position in respect of wind power indicators. Since 2014, China Longyuan Power has established a multi-level and all-dimensional safety production responsibility system to realize the sound implementation of capacity building of safety production and promotion of standard safety management, and witnessed a stable yearly safety production. In 2014, China Longyuan Power deepened power benchmarking and detailed power assessment indicators, took several measures to response to power rationing, meanwhile, soundly carried out “two lowering and two upgrading” to innovate repairing cost control system and lower maintenance cost. In the respect of various production indicators, China Longyuan Power continued to lead the industry, as it enhanced the facility operation analysis, continually reduced the power consumption of the power plant itself and fully improved the power production performance and utilization rates of generators through facilities management innovation. In 2014, electric energy production of China Longyuan Power reached 33.388 billion KWH, in which, wind energy production reached 23.088 billion KWH, 5.28% year on year increase under the adverse situation of the sharply falling wind resources. Third, speed up development of superior resources and keep the leading position of China Longyuan Power strengthens. In 2014, China Longyuan Power further speeded up its pace in the development of superior resources and intensified the in-depth preparation and fully improved development quality, promoting the consistent monument of wind power development. In the whole year of 2014, the total approved wind power project reached 2642 megawatt, 94% of which was non-rationing areas, continually extended the project areas, especially in Guangxi Autonomous Region realized “zero” breakthrough. By the end of 2014, the not yet invested but approved projects reached 6.5 gigawatts of power, further in consideration of the projects unapproved but listed in the national strategy or plans of in total 9.6 gigawatts of power. Longyuan has a powerful strength for future development. China Longyuan Power launched the new cooperation and development model to enhance cooperation and development with affiliates of China Guodian Corporation and well-known local enterprises. Guiding by the principle of reaching win-win and fully taking advantages of China Longyuan Power expertise platform and location advantages of its partners, China Longyuan Power developed 26 new cooperation projects in 9 provinces, cities and regions including Shandong Province and Chongqing City, etc., reaching a capacity of 2273 megawatts by the end of 2014. In 2014, the state published the onshore wind power electrovalence policies and issued the National Onshore Wind Power Development and Construction Plan (2014-2016). In the Plan, nine projects of in total 2049 megawatts were shouldered by China Longyuan Power, accounting for 19 percent, topping the list nationally. Fourth, sticking to delicacy management, improved engineering project quality and construction speed. In 2014, China Longyuan Power intensified delicacy management, arranged adequate preparations in advance for the bid project and enhanced control over engineering project progress, innovated the supply coordination mechanism and completely fulfilled the whole year wind power investment task. In 2014, China Longyuan Power newly increased wind power generators of 1632.7 megawatts, making the total installed capacity of wind power holding by Longyuan reach 13543 megawatts by the end of 2014, laying a solid foundation for China Longyuan Power to become the largest wind power operator in the world in 2015. China Longyuan Power cultivated the awareness of producing competitive goods and strictly controlled the quality of engineering projects, which has been embodied by the winning of “National Quality Engineering Project Award” by two projects of Jiangsu Rudong Intertidal Zone Wind Power Project and Yunnan Matang Wind Power Project. China Longyuan Power strictly controls the engineering cost, sets rational ceiling price in the bidding process and prevented the alteration of design. Although the price in forest and land requisition and expenditure for infrastructure workers was rising all the way, the engineering cost of China Longyuan Power projects was basically equal to that of last year. Fifth, accelerating the space of “going out”, realized new breakthrough in overseas business. In the implementation of China Longyuan Power Canadian 99.1 megawatts project, although a lot of challenges were encountered, such as environmental evaluation petition, blocking of output lines construction and extremely cold climate, the project realized grid-connected power generation in 2014, achieving the “zero” breakthrough of operating overseas projects. China Longyuan Power also became the first SOE in electricity to invest, construct and operate wind power projects overseas all by itself and provided over 400 jobs during the project development and construction. The Longyuan South Africa 244.5 megawatts project has already entered into project implementation, power purchase and guidance contracts with South Africa Energy Ministry and South Africa Power Corporation respectively. The project has already got all the necessary qualification papers and finished and closed its financing, and the construction will be launched this year. In the process of future overseas project development, Longyuan will take economic benefits as the core center and positively promote project development and attach attention to raise the quality of pre-feasibility study and ensure return on investment to develop high quality, efficient and profitable overseas projects, on the condition that the risk is under control. Sixth, consolidate key technology development to manifest the supporting role of science and technology. In 2014, China Longyuan Power further perfected science and technology management and R&D system, strengthened the role of science and technology center and general office in science and technology management, coordinate the whole science and technology resources of China Longyuan Power, strived to make technological breakthrough with strengths and well organized team. With the approved Guodian Wind Power Technology Center and based on “Two Centers and Two Institutes”, China Longyuan Power established a R&D system combining production and research and normalized management system to build a top ranking new energy science and technology platform. China Longyuan Power consistently strengthened its scientific and technological innovation, closely adapting to the requirements of practical production and development, organized technological enterprises to deepen the study of 22 research projects such as the safety evaluation and monitoring over onshore wind power production, wind power smart-connection and distributed solar power performance evaluation. China Longyuan Power successfully finished a batch of keynational 863 projects, with some winning awards including: China Power Science and Technology First Award by Jiangsu Onshore wind power Project, one First Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award, two Second Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award and three Third Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award granted by Guodian Corporation. By intensifying science and technology achievement transformation, China Longyuan Power got 35 new patents and three approved industrial standards. Seventh, Coordination development of other renewable energies. In addition to wind power, Longyuan also developed other renewable energy projects such as solar power. In 2014, China Longyuan Power invested two solar power projects, in total 22 megawatts. Moreover, China Longyuan Power proactively returns its benefits to the society, such as being responsible for power construction in the power unavailable region in whole Tibetan, part of Qinghai and Xinjiang. Among which, the phase II power construction in Tibetan will be implemented in 2015, the construction capacity will be 13.7 megawatts. By the end of year 2014, installed capacity holding by Longyuan of renewable energy other than wind had reached 279.6 megawatts.

  In 2015, under the guidance of “one five five”, taking “Two upgrades” as breakthrough points, sticking to “eight focus” and striking for “Four Tops”, China Longyuan Power will implement in depth the “Year of Normalized and Standardized Management Improvement”, enhance operation and management, deepen reform and innovation, promote strengths, fully raise the comprehensive power and competitive strengths to construct it into a top ranking international listed new energy corporation. To guarantee the achievement of the 2015 target, China Longyuan Power will focus on the following aspects: first, take wind power as the breakthrough points of “Two Upgrades” to strengthen the operation of existing capitals; second, take economic effectiveness as center to improve the development of incremental supply assets; third, take the construction of top ranking enterprise as target to deepen reform of mechanism and system; fourth, take unity and harmony as foundation to strengthen Party ideological and political construction.

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